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Past Events

2nd Annual 
Bingo Fundraiser

February 12, 2022

Our 2nd Annual Bingo Fundraiser was another huge success! We would like to thank all our donors, sponsors and participants for helping us raise $4,000!  This will allow us to award four (4) $1,000 scholarships! We sold out this event with 160 players!

We want to thank our many sponsors for contributing to this successful event:

Jeff Salters (Salty’s BBQ), KwikSign, Ms. Soapbiz (Dee Sanchez), Luigi’s, KAXL Radio, B Squared Customs, Splash, Fit Pantry, Jersey Mike’s, Janis Varner, Lisa Paxton, Rusty’s Pizza, Trader Joe’s, Centennial HS, Priscilla Bacus, Anonymous Friend, Lindsay Haney, Kristi’s Sweet Treats (Kristi Trahan), Debbie Raygoza-Wells, Vickie Taylor, The BLVD, Paula Bertolucci, Chic Fil A, Boo’s Doggie Sitting, Nancy Barnett & Andy Richter, Carlie Medina, Kathy Bess, Head in the Clouds, Spell it Out Bakersfield Yard Signs; Senator Shannon Grove, Congressman Kevin McCarthy and Assemblyman Vince Fong and a special thanks to our surpise caller - Dan Schaffer !


September 12, 2020


Wow! That is all we can say to our amazing sponsors, donors, supporters, and participants!

We asked you guys for patience and understanding in these uncertain times, and not only did you do that, but you blew us out of the water with your generosity!

Your contributions to The David Marcus Thumbs Up Scholarship Foundation* raised over....


      $7000  towards scholarship funds!


On behalf of our entire organization, thank you all! This would not be possible without each and every one of you!


1st Annual Golf


Quarantine Yardsale

June 12-13, 2020


What can we say except - Bakersfield, you never fail us! Our organization threw together an impromptu yardsale in hopes to cut short our losses from postponing the 1st Annual Golf Invitational due to COVID-19.

We asked for your help and you guys stepped up! Bakersfield, you helped us raise over $4,800 for scholarships!

Not only did your donations benefit the David Marcus Thumbs Up Scholarship Foundation, but items not sold were subsequently donated to the Jamison Children's Center, Encore! Boutique, Junk-Atique Outlet Thrift Store, and local Boy Scouts of America!

Thank you, Bakersfield, for your continued donations and unwavering support! We appreciate you all!

November 9, 2019

Our very first fundraiser was a huge success.  Thank you, Bakersfield, for helping us raise $4,000!  This will allow us to award four (4) $1,000 scholarships! Nothing beats our community - we had 113 participants!

We want to thank our many sponsors for contributing to this successful event:

Albertsons, Dewar's, Splash Cafe, G&G Automotive, Chic-Fil-A, Debbie Ormond, KAXL, Johnny Beddingfield, Trader Joe's, Bakersfield Condors, Sam's Club, Floyd's, Jersey Mike's, WOW Pest Control, JM Housecleaning, Luigi's, Centennial High School, Rosemary's Creamery, Empty Space, Lisa Shrider, Tom & Liz Haskell, Lindsay Haney, Don & Christie Kessler, Wonderful Almonds & Pistachios & John Curtis!


1st Annual Thumbs Up

Bingo Event

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