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The David Marcus Thumbs Up Charity is a local nonprofit dedicated to keeping the inspirational legacy of David Marcus alive by building productive relationships through community outreach and awarding scholarships to local high school seniors, including special needs students, who exude David's central characteristics.

The Legacy

David Marcus was well known in Bakersfield for his positivity and uplifting personality.  In fact, he would later be immortalized on the Bakersfield Walk of Fame as "Mr. Bakersfield" for his work in community spirit. David was fully aware of his developmental disability, and he devoted much of his time to visiting and encouraging special education students at the elementary and junior high school levels throughout Bakersfield. After becoming physically disabled due to knee injury, and retiring from a long and fulling career with Albertson's, he then began visiting high school special needs classes, as well. 


David was first diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 2012 and went on to become a seven-time cancer survivor until his passing on June 28, 2019.  During those years of struggling with this disease, he visited many high schools - even considering Centennial High his second home!  He immediately befriended students, parents, and faculty by going to as many high school sports games and events throughout town as he could. It didn't take long for students and their families to notice and admire the positive impact David had on all students - general and special education alike. 

Wherever David went, people would expect to be asked to take a famous “Thumbs Up” picture with him. Which he would then immediately share to social media. David would take his famous "Thumbs Up" photos with anyone and everyone he could: at high school events, cancer treatment centers, doctor's offices, League of Dreams events, community events, just walking the streets, and wherever else you could find him.  David became synonymous with the phrase "Thumbs Up" - you can check out his THOUSANDS of thumbs up photos with family, friends, students, politicians, news anchors, law enforcement, and everyone else he met on his Facebook and Instagram pages. David believed the message behind his "Thumbs Up" photos would inspire people to be the best they could, to fight on for victory against all their hardships, and to be reminded that someone was always thinking about them - once David met you, he never forgot you.

David leaves behind a legacy of positiveness, inspiration, and compassion that this organization will strive to continue providing for the students and community David loved so much. 

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